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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry beil. >> i'm cheryl jennings. oakland cleaning up and fixing broken windows after a protest turned violent over the weekend. hundreds of demonstrators marched through downtown angry about the acquittal of george zimmerman. >> zimmerman charged with murdering an unarmed teenager in florida there is another protest planned for two hours
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from now. we are live at oakland city hall, mark snoo. >> we're just outside city hall. another prettiest is planned for -- protest is planned for 6:00. saturday night, another very bad night for businesses around the neighborhood. as they have done many times in the past vandals rampaged up broadway up to 20th then over to telegraph. saturday night police said it wasn't that big of a crowd. 70-100 people but they did a lot of damage. police trashing a car, blocks were littered with glass from broken windows. at flora, a restaurant diners were showered with glass. next door an owner of one restaurant got employees to stand guard. >> it's really scary. >> should have been possible to track them down they were
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moving from business to business along telegraph. >> where police formed was in front of police headquarters. pictures from sky 7 show them lined up protecting their own building. today as acting chief went walking through the neighborhood he told reporters problem was staffing. >> we weren't able to staff up in time. >> the chief says he only found out saturday afternoon the jury was deliberating on saturday. >> and then, verdict came quickly by this point it was too late to bring extra cops. >> the chief says the call went out but it was too late to save uptown. why the city did not anticipate the verdict is a question for the mayor. >> no police department is going to be able to do it. communities have to take on these people. >> many feel they have stepped up and now, it's the mayor and police department's turn. the mayor blamed news immediata, blamed people from
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san francisco, and that is just part of the story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. reporting from oakland mark matthews abc 7 news. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. >> coming up at 4:30 we're going to go live to florida where prayer vigils were held and what the attorney general is saying about the case. >> in other news a san francisco jewelry store remains closed as police try to piece together a motive in that shooting. the chief met with store owners this afternoon at the jewelry mart on brannan avenue to reassure them the building is safe. victims been identified. one man remains in critical condition. people who work at the mart building tell us they will never forget this attack. >> tragedy. one world it's a big tragedy. every day going to pass by that store we know the people and remember them.
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>> police arrested the suspected gunman after they say he fired at officers, investigators say it does not appear robbery was a motive it and wasn't his first time in the store. >> the search in oakland continues for missing toddler daphne webb. her father says someone took the child from his parked suv. this is a picture of the suv. they're hoping people can tell them where the two were before she was reported missing. >> brings a clear picture about the order of events. time is very important in an investigation. >> this weekend crews searched near the family home and say they often walked those trails together. >> ntsb announced it's just finished reviewing all first responders at sfo. it's nearly finished with the
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investigation. >> there was a blood drive to replenish stlis after surgeries of the injured passengers and crew this morning this family drove to sfo to help the victims of asiana airlines flight 214. >> i guess it's hit homes. you know? it could happen to anyone. >> friday, his daughter took candy to the hotel where many victims were staying. the handoff, however wasn't to be. >> shelby watched buses leave. i felt bad for her. >> but the girl scout found a different way to help a young victim of the crash. >> i can't get to them, i'm giving it to the blood drive to help them.
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>> after the crash many people called asking if they can help. they came up with a way to replenish the blood banks after 182 people were taken to the hospital. police sargeant chung wasn't working the day of the crash but finding a way to give back to victims. >> if you missed the blood drive there is still opportunities for to you donate. you can go to blood centers of the pacific. >> california supreme court requested a request to stop same-sex marriages. backers made that request last week after the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriages to reyum in california. state supreme court agreed to look at whether the ruling means the marriages are little statewide or just in two counties were plaintiffs live. >> the family foundation is helping one of the three ohio
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kidnapping victims move on after she was held for more than a decade. michelle knight is the first person to receive money designed to help with housing needs of victims. the foundation began after the abduction and murder of a little girl named polly klaus in 1993. >> a big street party wrapped up in the bay view neighborhood. an organization is celebrating an agreement that guarantees construction work for area residents in the hunter's point ship yard development. it's expect flowed vid work for a thousand bay view residents. >> sachbta cruise county deputies busted a cock fighting ring that was just getting set up. a tip led officers to riverside drive. they found 60 people setting up a small arena.
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the suspects took off running when they saw officers, 50 game cocks were left behind. nobody was arrested. the birds are being treated by animal control. officers believe this is not the first cock-fighting event at this location. >> the earth moved a bit. u.s. geological survey says a quake struck just afternoon centered about nine miles southwest of san jose. no reports of damage or injury. not unusual for a quake of this size. about 3.4. >> spencer christian now with gloomy weather. >> it's cloudy outside. windy. >> it is. especially near the coastline. good amount of sunshine inland. here is the pattern we've seen throughout the day.
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it pulls back near coastline where it up to about 2000 feet so it's had a nice cooling around the bay. it's kept inland temperatures down as well. here is a live view dooking -- looking down through the golden gate. current readings 61 degrees in san francisco. 71 mountain view. you can see inland locations another live view from our east bay camera. towards the coast it's 67 now in santa rosa. 72 napa and novato. 78 fairfield. our first forecast low clouds, near the coast and bay tonight. and tomorrow morning. giving way to partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. 82 into warmest spots. we'll have a warm up later in the week.
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>> spencer, thank you. >> and still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 they're back. but these new twinkies may be smaller, we'll explain. >> dave matthews no need for triple a. how fans came to his rescue. >> and new after 4:30 michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live a little bit later on. you can contact michael on and on twitter at m finney. >> at 4:10 monday afternoon this, is another angle of the shot that spencer showed you earlier. traffic approaching golden gate bridge. northbound heavier than usual looks gloomy with that thick marine layer.
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take a look at this video of a house fire this morning. witnesses say the fire occurred in a basement near webster. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and another person suffered minor injuries. at least five residents are out of homes now. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> national nightmare is over. twinkies are back. new owners released this video of twinkies at a packaging plant.
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these new twinkies are a little bit smaller. they also have fewer calories, 135 compared to 142 before. the iconic snack cake is back. most of the jobs not back. hosts used to employ 18,000 people before filing for bankruptcy as of now, only 25% of the jobs are back which is unfortunate. >> microsoft is slashing the price of the tablet while tesla makes plans to unveil a solar powered travel system. >> let's talk about the computer deals, microsoft slashing price. its surface rt tablet by as much as 30%. the inexpensive model that doesn't include a keyboard cover will be sold for $349 down from $499. the keyboard cover model dropped to $449. hewlett-packard adding three
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new board members at meg whitman looks to turn the company around. they are jim skinner, don bennett and ray ozzie. the company also searching for a new nonexecutive chairman to replace ray lane you who may recall stepped down in april. let's talk about dell draum yachl the dell investor is reit rating it will not support the michael dell buyout if it comes before nurse when investors will vote on twlornt approve the deal. and u.s. stocks s and p 500 and the dour ended the day in the green. and finally, tela's ceo sent
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an unveiled sign for a solar powered transit system by august saying technology will be a quote, break through. and cheryl, larry, back to you. >> beginning today abc 7 is bringing you a new way to experience abc programming any time virtually anywhere. >> yes. it's a new way to enjoy shows, sports, news and weather on your smart phone or tablet. >> yes. dan ashley tells us how watch abc work autos this is watch abc. it's a new way for to you watch your favorite abctv shows. >> whether you're home or out, watch abc is had there for
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no additional cost. all have you to do is down load the app and sign in using your account information or log on to the web skpilt get the watch the wide screen now. >> and find out how you can access watch abc on our web site to. down load the app search on air, online are, also abc 7 news is now everywhere you need us to be. >> one number, one, that is what kept a person in san francisco from winning over $100 million over the weekend. one number. saturday evening someone walked into this store and bought a power ball ticket. less than two hours later the ticket had five of the six winning numbers, not good stuff for $116 million but worth $2.6 million. >> i don't know. i sold the winning ticket but two customers came n problem
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is that i opened the door they tell me you must be a lucky store, here! >> for a look at the winning numbers from saturday's power ball drawing. luck eye ticket bought at cable car wine and spirit gross friday. i had $2.6 i'd be happy with that. >> after taxes you can still -- . >> or move to a warmer place for a day or two. >> speaking of chilly. >> yes. we can use warmer weather. here is a look at live doppler 7. we've had a cooler day today. low clouds and fog here is a live view of the gold kren gate bridge. you can see lou lowe clouds moving in through golden gate.
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forecast features say clouds push will continue inland overnight. below after highs will be with us. cooler than you'd expect this time of the year. a warmer pattern begin agent mid week lasting throughout the weekend. satellite image pool of cool air dominating our weather picture at the moment. much like the pattern we've had whit was really hot this, probable whether i will not bring us triple digit numbers but will give us a warmer pattern. looking at the week ahead livermore's projected trend is reflective of what we can expect thursday through sunday. we'll have the warm up in inland spots over the next few days.
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doesn't warrant being called a heat wave but will be a warm up for sure, overlite night low clouds and fog pushing well inland. low temperatures low to mid-50s. then, tomorrow, sunny skies in the afternoon and 74 palo alto. 58 in pacifica. 60 in half moon bay. 72 in calistoga. inland east bay, mild with highs in upper 70s. san ramone, low 80s at fairfield and livermore.
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look at the warm up starting wednesday. thursday, highs in the mid-90s holding throughout sunday. mid-80s friday and saturday and low to mid-60s on the coast. it's a significant warm up. spencer, thank you. >> up next a big announcement on view. who will be joining them. >> a bay area rehab center looking at a robot you can wear.
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dave matthews did show up for his concert saturday night. he had fans to thank. the two spotted math use stranded on the side of the road just hours before his show. math use out on a ride. his bike broke down and he didn't have a cell phone. he put his bike on the back of their car, hopped in, and they took off. >> we didn't know how to make conversation with him we're talking about the tour and where he'd come from. and he said i'm taking a short break after this, i have to drop my daughters off at camp. you know, just a very humbled guy. >> matthews invited the pair to dinner gave them front row seats and back stage passes and told the audience about the incident and thanked emily
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by name. without them he's not at the concert. but he'd still be on the side of the road. >> listen to this, a new co-host is head together skpru two stars get married this weekends. >> it's been a tough couple days industry mourns the death of the glee star found dead saturday officials wait for autopsy results celebrities are pouring out their hearts on twitter including two co-stars tweeting going through a million memories and emotions today. and at this time, please send nothing but love and light. this tragic news doesn't seem real to me. i love you cory. he was 31. now shifting gears to actress halle beary -- barry who tied the knot marrying french act yoir oliveier martinez.
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jimmy kimmel is celebrating a wedding marrying his girlfriend yesterday in ojai, california. finally barbara walter as announced latest replacement jenny mccarthy. >> we love her because she's fun and uninhibited and opinionated enough to help us begin the latest chapter in the view history. for more entertainment news go to >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 why apple is investigating the death of a woman in china plus,. >> more reaction from george zimmerman's acquittal. i'm marcy gonzales with that story coming up. >> and an incredible rescue of a young boy sucked into a giant sand dune. what doctors are saying.
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>> a good cause brings two presidents together at the white house, words of praise
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in a ters comment attorney general eric holder today said
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the justice department will follow the facts and law as it reviews the case. white house says president ob yaum will not get involved in the decision whether to persue criminal civil rights charges against george simmerman for killing trayvon martin. we're live now with reaction. marcy? >> marcy? >> the investigation is ongoing. that has not stopped martin supporters. from prayers... to protests, reaction across the country over saturday night's not girlty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. speaking at event in washington, d.c. eric holder called the death unnecessary. >> the justi departme
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shares your concern. i share your concern. first acknowledge we have opened an investigation into this matter. >> the feds look for potential civil rights violations martin's parents krring a wrongful death lawsuit against zimmerman. zimmerman could file civil suits, his parents releasing a statement claiming the state quote conducted a malicious, unfounded prosecution adding they hope all responsible will be held responsible. saying they believe. >> i think there was a struggle trayvon became aware. >> his attorney claiming he will get his gun back and needs it for protection. >> i since he's now lawfully
4:33 pm
allowed to carry one this is the worst time in his life, isn't it? >> we haven't heard from the jurors but learned today one of them signed a book deal back to you. >> naacp holding a national rally in orlando. it's members have petitioned the justice department to file charges. what else was said there today? >> well, benjiman crump, the attorney for martin's parents encouraged people to continue to peacefully rally. tomorrow, attorney general holder will address the group. larry? >> thank you very much. barbara walters will have an interview with the parents of george zimmerman tonight they're speaking out tonight world news coming up at 5:30.
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>> russian president putin calling edward snowden an unwelcome gift in his country. snowden has been inside of a moscow airport three week as plied for asylum but today saying the status of the request sun clear and claimed the united states has scared other countries into denying entry to snowden leaving him trapped in russia. putin says he expects him to leave russia as soon as he has a chance. >> federal agents announced they've arrested 255 accused child predators including three from the bay area in a nationwide investigation. operation i guardian focused on identifying and rescuing victims of online sexual exploitation. immigration says it found 61 child victims during this five-week operation spikts charged with rape, molestation, and intent to have sex with a
4:35 pm
minor. >> the 6-year-old boy buried in sand for hours in a northern dune in indiana is expected to make a full recovery. crews rescued him from under 11 feet of sand during an effort on afriday. doctors say he may suffer some lasting lung problems from breathing in sand but he is response jiff can move limbs. >> he's doing very well. and is improving every day. >> doctors caution some damage to the lungs or brain may not be discovered for months. his family is hailing recovery as nothing short of a miracle. >> president obama paid tribute to former president bush today at the white house. president ob yauchla praised the elder bush's volunteer efforts during a ceremony also
4:36 pm
helped the ex-president award a point of light award to an iowa couple who helped feed children in 15 countries. the former president bush created the award to honor volunteer service. >> first thank president and mrs. obama for this wonderful hospitality. like coming home for barbara and me to this magnificent house greeted by this hospitality. knows no bounds. >> this was the 89-year-old aez first visit to the house since being hospitalized in november. >> still ahead, as you know we've sent thousands on car repairs every year. how do you know you're getting the best price. >> what do snails have to do
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with the latest beauty treatment? >> today's seven on your a folks taking your questions you can contact me at facebook and over on twitter. i'll answer questions here live in just a moment. >> i'm spencer christian from mounlt tam. we can see marine layer pushing through golden gate keeping weather cool what. is coming next? i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> checking the skyway, it's gridlock. not much better on the righthand side of the screen. it's a qaul.
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latest craze for younger looking skin may make your skin crawl. >> some japanese salons are letting snails crawl all over faces. with claims they can make human skin look younger. >> one salon says the secret is in the mucous which contains proteins. lotions and creams containing snails have grown in popularity in recent years its going to cost you. 60 minute treatment is $250.
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it does explain spencer christian's smooth complexion. >> he does have pretty skin nothing i prefer to have on my skin but snail mucus. we've got a nice deep marine layer. here is a live view looking at downtown san jose. high temperatures compared to average you can see six degrees below average high. things warming up later in the week. you can expect on the east coast highs mainly into 90s, what's happening in dallas,
4:42 pm
showers around the area, high tomorrow only 89. triple digit mark. it will be warm with showers in salt lake city. mild to warm conditions but nothing excess tiff. tomorrow we'll have sunny skies into afternoon. highs from upper 50s on the coast to 70s around the bay to about 8 owe into warmest spots. so cooler than average but much warmer weather later in the week. >> at a snail's pace. >> i saved it for you thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news, how you can save big money on car repairs. new ideas that can make a big difference. >> do you have money you want
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to give away? >> if you're buying a
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it's real money week and
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tonight a special report on saving bucks on car repairs. >> paula ferris joining us live in studio. it's nice tof you there. >> it's nice in san francisco. i love coming to the west coast. >> you met with a family and they needed help with their suv. what was going on? >> they have an older car. we have old cars. average car on the road is 11 years old. we're able to do is safe a family 525. >> how were you able to do that? >> through a series of new apps out there that just mitt the -- hit the market. one you have no idea how much repairs are going to cost you but this app gives you a range, which is what it should
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cost. >> what is that? it's called repair pal. >> in general how much people people paying? i got my guy, glenn i believe i'm paying. >> i just -- you just trust him he's giving you a fair deal. right? >> i'm hoping. >> average repair is $350 it's important to know how much goitsing to cost there. is a new app that has been popular called your mechanic. you can save time and money. you don't have to take your car to the garage. they'll come to you z you can save up to 40% because they zront pay for overhead. >> wow. >> where are you going next? >> well average american puts
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$225 on fees and we're going to show how to earn money on money sitting in your checking akt up to 78 times national interest rate. and back east tackling dental costs so this is something going to hit home with a lot of folks then wrap it up on the east coast as well with just tuning up little things you can do saving energy around the home. >> so thankful we started off the west coast. now i'm going to go grab a fwit eat. >> we'll see your report tonight. >> thank you. >> apple says it's investigating reports that a woman was electrocuted in china trying to use an iphone while recharging. according to reports the 23-year-old flight attendant for china southern airlines received a shock.
4:49 pm
police are investigating but haven't determined if the phone was the cause of death. >> warren buffet offering advice in a free online course. buffet and his older sister teach students about fill lan troppy and founders of ben and jerry's ice cream. students will help decide had you to spend $100,000 of the money f you want to take the class we have a link on our web site. >> now, to london. everybody appears to be on royal baby watch. everything is in place for the next royal monarch tosh born. >> it's week three. the world is waiting on edge for kate to go into labor what. pressure for the mom to
4:50 pm
be. no nerves it seems for the royal couple. kate reportedly spent the weekend in buckleberry at her parents' home. the father to be and uncle didn't look like they add a care in the world leaving many to wonder when the baby will maik it's arrival. everyone is getting excited. >> i think william and i think kate goring to be amazing parents because they're so loving towards children. you see the way they are. >> the palace says william has the next few days off from his search and rescue duties, expected to take two weeks leave once the baby arrives. the announcement carrying a nod to tradition. the formal birth notice including sex and weight will be carried out of the linda wing of st. mary's hospital and trance portd bid police escort to buckingham palace.
4:51 pm
and will be displayed on an easel, the same used when william was born and what about betting on the name? >> i think it's a boy. >> grandpa, prince charles. >> 7 on your side here answering questions sent to him by e mail and twitter k a merchant require a credit card number when taking a check? >> laws say they generally cannot ask you for a credit card number then write that on the check. there are, however, three exceptions to the rule. that is if it is a deposit for something like an apartment or car rental. ns if you're writing for cash they're allowed to get that information.
4:52 pm
and finally for that information. >> and asking what is data for getting those trip credit cards? >> they're harder to use, or steal, i should say. there is no additional cost to you. that is the way everything is moving to that anyway. they used to be a time safer. i wish we'd gone to them. they're worth getting. >> okay. >> and catherine e mails my son bought a used car failing to disclose they'd replaced the engine with a used one. is this against the law? >> the laws for selling used cars are loose.
4:53 pm
they tighten up quite a bit once getting to a certified used car because a few years ago some dealerships was on this, now there are rules there. one is not specifically you can't replace the engine but i've got to tell if you you went back to the dealership they won't want to deal with you about this between manufacturer and 7 on your side and this they won't want to deal with you thank you. >> sure. >> well, just ahead, this is it. robots that you wear. >> up next amazing developments, could help victims walk again. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up here at 5:00 a jail house interview you'll see why she abandoned her young dmild a bay area gas station.
4:54 pm
>> and california new health program to enroll inin -- uninsured. growing concern here for identity thieves. those stories and a lot more coming up at 5:00.
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new hope for stroke sufferers. researchers testing a device that can help them walk again. >> richard torres inching his way through the room. last month suffering a stroke left his right side with no mobility. >> it was a bleeding stroke. >> his wife is excited about a new device being tested today on torres. developed by a richmond based
4:58 pm
company. >> helping individuals after brain jirks anyone with a mobility issue becoming more mobile and more independent. >> it has two batteries and a computer attached. the device allows him to walk. >> let in and walk with power that i have. >> the stroke damage blood vessels the brain has a hard time communicating information normally telling his body to move or speak. only way to improve, he was probably walk 10 feet, but with extra device today walked 360 feet. >> what this will hopefully do is allow person to relearn certain skills.
4:59 pm
>> hope is people will be able to relearn walking function. >> it will be tested here and at other hospital was the road towards independence not far away. >> that is fantastic. thanks for joining us at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. the mother walked in a public rest room with a baby but walked out alone. why she is not sorry she abandoned her baby. >> another march planned tonight to protest the verdict in the trayvon martin case. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. it's breezy here, cooler than after richblgt i'll let you know how long it will last coming up.
5:00 pm
>> i will leave my kid here, someone will pick him up, no. >> a mother tried to explain why she aband beyond her baby in a vallejo gas station. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. our other top story police chief greg sur and several detectives met with workers and business owners at gift center and jewelry mart today. >> they're trying to reassure the community after friday's double shooting there. >> yes. we're live with the story. >> police tell us the suspect barry white was arrested in 2009 for assault with a deadly weapon, now he'll be facing more serious charges of murder but the moat jiff still a big question that police aren't yet willing to talk about. police stickers mark bullet holes found across street from the mart. police say


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